Monday 5 May 2008

BGS team sells Moroccan jewellery

Students from BGS at the Redland May FairThe team of 11 students from Bristol Grammar who recently visited Asni were keen to continue fundraising after they returned. An idea of a team member was to buy beads and jewellery in Morocco and then use this to make more jewellery on return to sell at a big North Bristol Fair (The Redland May Fair). We also provided a setting-up and tidying-up service for the Fair and were paid £150 and given a free stall for doing this. Before the fair officially opened we had our first customer—who spent £35! Overall we raised just over £400 on the day. The students grew more confident in their selling skills and a large number of people found out about our project. Three of the team’s parents helped out and three staff from BGS. An enjoyable day and a good fundraiser.

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