Tuesday 19 May 2009

Bristol Grammar School raise an astounding £ 11,000 for Education For All

Students from Bristol Grammar School (BGS) under the excellent tutorage of Andrew Dimberline and team have managed to raise an astonishing £11,000 for Education For All.

A huge thank you from everyone at Education For All to all at BGS and particularly from the girls at Asni who will be the recipients of this hard work and generous donation.

BGS have been kind enough to document their recent trip, and links to these reports can be found on the schools page. Please do take a look and be inspired by their worthy efforts.

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Dar Asni Open Day

Mechoui lunch at the KasbahA big thank you to everyone for their support at the Dar Asni Open Day. We were glad you could come and see and meet the girls.

We are planning for this to be an annual event on the last Sunday of April and this will be followed by a mechoui lunch at the Kasbah du Toubkal.

The event was summed up in part by one of the attendees:

“The smiling faces of the girls reminded me of the famous words of Antoine de Saint Exupery, French novelist and aviator you certainly know, who talked of "The assassinated Mozarts" hinting to those chidren who didn't have the chance to go to school so that they discover and develop their talent or their creative abilities.
I am certain that the tremendous impact on these young girls coming from isolated villages of this boarding house will change very positively their lives.
It will be very interesting that someone follows in the coming years, what these girls will be in their future life. I am certain that some of them will go far in life.”

More photos can be seen in the photo gallery page.